Welcome to Art By Zay Studio! Somehow you've found your way to my site and it is greatly appreciated!!

A little about Zay...

Born in 1989 in Atlanta, Georgia, Xavier "Zay" Hutchins is a visual artist now living in Savannah, Georgia. He studied Visual and Fine Arts at Savannah State University, where he learned many different mediums of art from printmaking to photography, but the medium that he’s drawn to the most was painting with acrylics. In 2011, he won the award for Artist of the Year of the university. After graduating in 2013, Zay spent a few years tattooing, where he used some of what he learned from that craft along with his inspirations from music, social political issues, life experiences as well as using different elements from many historic art styles to ultimately create his own unique and vibrant style.

In 2017, Zay made it his primary focus to hone his skill in acrylics. In doing so, he's exhibited all over the city in which he resides with plans on exhibiting nationally.

In 2021, while coming out of the eye of the storm of the Covid Pandemic, Zay opened his own studio and gallery inside the Savannah Mall which allowed him to create in all the mediums that he's learn, including tattooing, without any boundaries. Within his first year of opening, he was able to create a platform and host six events for aspiring local artists to showcase their work under the name of Sunday Supper.

In 2022, Zay relocated his studio to be a part of something bigger with more details coming soon.

"Every painting I do is intended to touch someone in need of a message to uplift themselves. As an artist, I feel that it's our purpose to internalize what the world gives us and unapologetically present it back out into the world from our prospective, in our respective mediums for others to connect with as we are all living in the same world. I encourage you to view my art beyond the surface of the canvas to uncover stories and emotions that are relevant and identifiable to you and our society."




"Sunday Supper" (June-November) @ ABZ Studio, Savannah Ga - 2022

"The Return" Exhibition @ Sulfur Studios, Savannah Ga - 2021

"Lyric" Exhibition @ Sulfur Studios, Savannah, Ga - 2018

"300 and Under" Exhibition @ The Location Gallery, Savannah, Ga - 2018

"Think Before You Speak" Exhibition @ TaCa Sushi & Japanese Fusion, Savannah, Ga - 2018

"Dripping Lyrics of Queens" Solo Exhibition @ The Sentient Bean, Savannah, Ga - 2018

"Colours" Exhibition @ The Non-Fiction Gallery, Savannah, Ga - 2017

 "Jazz & Hip Hop Art Expression" @ Sulfur Studios, Savannah, Ga - 2017

"Heavy ARTillery" @ The Starlandia Gallery, Savannah, Ga - 2017